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Time-Sheet Event Report

Time-Sheet Event Report
The "Time-sheet Sign-off" function has a new report to help keep track of events. Any event related to timesheets being approved, rejected, edited or updated will show on this report along with the date, time and person posting the event. The Time-sheet ID on the left corresponds to the same Time-sheet ID that a Payroll Administrator, Operations Manager or Office Administrator would see on the Time-sheet Approval Screens.
To learn more about Time-sheet Sign-off check out the below postings:
Time-sheet Sign-off Learning about User Types Approve Unsubmitted Time-sheets

Approve Unsubmitted Time-sheets

Approve Unsubmitted Time-sheets
The Time-sheet Sign-off" feature has been updated with new functionality that will allow the approval of timesheets even if the employee hasn't signed them. This feature will only be available for Payroll Admins and is recommended to only be used in cases where the employee is out on vacation and cannot sign his/her timesheets or if a devise has been lost or damaged. In order to approve an unsumbitted time-sheet, log into the web portal as a Payroll Administrator, under the Administrator Tab go to the "Approve Time-sheet" section. All unsubmitted time-sheets will be colored in blue, the Status Filter will also allow focus on only these items. Find the time-sheet being sought and click on "Not Available" under the ID column.  The following screen should appear. Notice the Approval Radial Buttons are Disabled, However the Total Times for the hours the employee has clocked can be seen.  Click on the "Submit for Employee&qu…

Enhancements to Edit User Event Screen

Enhancement to Edit User Events Screen
The "Edit User Events" section has been enhanced to allow edits by period.  In the past only one day at a time could be edited.  Now you can use the date filters to edit a whole period if  the need arises.
Make sure to use either the "Team" or "User" filters when using this functionality.  A reminder message will appear if one of these has not been chosen in the filter fields.
Once your "Team" or "User" and the "Time Frame" has been selected, click on the "Filter" button and make the edits needed.

Auto Change Tasks

Auto Change Tasks
Using the GPS capabilities feature will allow tasks to be changed automatically with the employees mobile devise and his punches at locations.  The following steps will enable this feature.

When a task is created, be sure that the address is entered.  The address must be entered at time the task is created, it cannot be entered after.  If the project does not have an address you must be sure to enter the coordinates instead.  After you enter the address or coordinates set the SmartFence to "Default" and SAVE The next step is to set up the SmartFence to trigger the automatic changing of tasks, to do this complete the following:       In the Administration tab, select "Rules, Actions and Fences" and select the "Manage SmartFences" option.  Chose "Default".  Two rules will need to be created, both being applied to Default.   The first rule will start a task when an employee enters an area.  On the first screen, set the radius to th…

Clock-in Within Time Frame - Enhancement

Clock-in Within Time Frame - Enhancement

The Clock-in Within Time Frame will make sure that an employee clocks in inside the designated area within a specific time frame. The main requirement for this to work is to load your tasks WITH and address, then when you go to the "Maintain Task/Customer List" section, you can also see the coordinates: Click either on the "Create Customer SmartFence" to create a rule just for this one task, or use the "SmartFence" drop-down menu and select "Default".  Default will allow you to enter a rule that will apply to all tasks that are set with the default smart fence.  This way you do not have to create the same rule for each task.  Specific or special rules may be created for each task as needed.
Follow the below procedure for either SmartFence you need to create: 1a:  If you select "Default", then go to the "Rules, Action and Fences" section in the Administration tab and click on "Mana…

Enhancements to Reports

Enhancements to Reports (updated 8/24/2018)

Reports are among the most important tools when doing Payroll and Monitoring employees.  The constant need to improve these tools to be more effective for an organization is important.
The Timecard Task Focused Detail Report now has the ability to do a search for tasks and sub-tasks.  In the past only tasks were available through the drop-down menu, now a deeper dive is allowed for more accurate inquiry by using the search field. When searching for a task, all possible results will be shown and you may select the one that applies: If you search for a sub-task, you will be shown all the instances of the sub-task, preceded by the task they belong to: Once the task has been found, click on "Generate Report" and the focus will be only on that project or task.

Resetting the Unique Identifier

Resetting the Unique Identifier
The following feature needs a disclaimer before it can be explained.  this blog will cover how to reset the Unique Identifier for a specific user.  Please Note that this should only be enabled if you are experiencing issues with employees using the same DeviceID on multiple devices at the same time (This in general, is not a good idea to maintain sensible time punches for your employees!)
Enabling this feature will force only one profile to be active at any time.  If other devices are subsequently setup with the same profile (DeviceID), the server will prevent those specific devices from connecting, i.e. they will not be able to send any punches to the system and will receive a message notifying the user of this fact.
To set the unique identifier up, go to the Administration Tab and Select Preferences.   Once there, enable the following options ("Enable Message Unique Field Identifier") This will enable a message identification using a Unique F…

Enhanced Forms

Enhanced Forms

Below is the "Classic View" of our Mobile application form for Task Attributes:
This view is good for those who prefer a compact screen view.  Those who wish to view a more enhanced form will need to do the following:   First:  Tap on the gear icon at the top of the screen and select the "Settings" tab:
 Then click on the "Extras" tab and you will see the following:
Be sure to set the "Enhanced Forms View" to the "ON" position and select SAVE.  the next time you go into your Forms - task attributes - you will see something similar to below:

"Safe Edits" Enhancement

"Safe Edits" Enhancement
Security has been tightened to make it more safe to edit a task when and if needed.  Although we caution against making changes to times and jobs, there are times when it is necessary.  The following was done to stop those changes from being lost. 
From the Payroll Admin Log-in - Go To Admin Choose "Edit User Event"

Click on the "Edit Task" to change the existing punch. Enter the date you are looking for and find the event you wish to edit. Now - Click on "Edit Task" Or - Edit the times as below:

Editing Custom Fields

Editing Custom Fields
The Administrator, Web Team Leader and the General Manager have the ability to edit the "Custom Field" data captured by the employees.
Should an employee make a mistake while typing and send the data before making the correction, an an adjustment needs to be made on a note or an order ID, the price of a sold item, etc., a correction can be made from the Reports tab.   Go to the "Reports" tab and click the "Custom Field Report."  Generate it using the appropriate filters (team, user or dates, depending on the results you are looking for) and something similar to below will appear. On the right side of the screen there are "Edit" buttons.  Find the item you wish to make changes to and click the "Edit" button.  The information that will appear will be the present values in the fields. Change the information that you wish to correct as shown below: Numeric values can be adjusted through a drop-down menu.  When the rep…