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Time-Sheet Event Report

Time-Sheet Event Report
The "Time-sheet Sign-off" function has a new report to help keep track of events.
Any event related to timesheets being approved, rejected, edited or updated will show on this report along with the date, time and person posting the event.
The Time-sheet ID on the left corresponds to the same Time-sheet ID that a Payroll Administrator, Operations Manager or Office Administrator would see on the Time-sheet Approval Screens.

To learn more about Time-sheet Sign-off check out the below postings:

Time-sheet Sign-off
Learning about User Types
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Timesheet Signoff

Timesheet Signoff The "Timesheet Sign-off" allows team members to sign-off their own timesheets directly from their supervisor's device.  Timesheets can be set up to be signed off on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.  The Administrator will enable this feature from the web-portal.

To enable the Sign-Off.  Go to the "Administration" tab, select "Preferences."  Look for the following option and make sure to click the checkbox.
Tap the "Save" button - The mobile applications are now ready to go.
The Supervisor/Team Leader in charge of clocking in/out team members will be able to access the "Multi User Mode".  Typically, the timesheet sign-off is done either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.  Weekly is the most common.  The sign-off should be done after the completion of the week or before payroll is submitted. Team members will be able to enter his/her login credentials from the drop-down menu.  Then enter their password and tap Log-In.  The app …

Editing Punches

Editing  Punches The View History feature will enable employees to edit punches. This feature may also be turned off by Administration. Select the #4 "View History". Once you select it, you will be able to see the history and an Edit button next to the entries that can be edited.
Tap on the punch that you need to correct and select whether you need to change the start or end times.

Make sure the times are consistent, since the system won't allow times to overlap or any edits that will affect data integrity.
 Next type the reason for the change and tap "Save". Once done, the app will update the time in the “View History” screen.  If your company uses team clock-in, Team leaders can open the Menu on the top right select any of his/her team members. This will enable them to view that person's history and edit punches using the same process explained on this post. One more feature for Administrators, to keep track of all the changes, who made them, original an…

Photo Clock-In

Photo Clock-In Be sure your employees are clocking themselves in with Pacific Timecards "Photo Clock-in". (also Available clocking out, breaks and events) Administrator will enable this feature from the web portal.
Go to the "Administration" tab and select "Preferences". Look for the following option and make sure to click the checkbox. Click SAVE

App is now ready, the next time the employees attempt to clock in, the Camera will be launched prompting them to take a picture before task is selected. If you are happy with the picture, tap on OK.

Then, tap on Submit to continue. After this you will see the list of tasks.

Select the one that applies, also the sub-task if available, and you will be successfully clocked in!